Guess my Sentence?

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What I Learned

While I was on other peoples blog for the week 8 student blogging challenge I learned that Trinity loves cats and she is a vegitarian. And Ella likes tea papa and she went to a camp in Waitomo caves. Also I learned that hannah favorite animal is a flimingo I also learned baeleigh is doing a funraiser. 



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People think its easy,

But trust me its not.

We glide with our feet

and never give up

We practice for hours and hours again

We struggle and struggle  until our slippers run thin

And finally we  are ready to perform

And after words we do it once more





My 100 word essay

                                                                       It was  Day 1


It’s Day 1  in Disney Land having such a great time riding rides and it was our first day and my Mom, Dad, my cousins Heath and Cobin and I. We had so much fun we rode a few rides like  Astro blasters  and more.But later that day  on our way to the hotel  they were doing the firework show and Cobin doesn’t like fireworks so my dad carried him and as we were walking he couldn’t stop looking at them, then we asked him if he liked fireworks and said only the fireworks in Disneyland.

Have you ever wrote  a 100 word essay if you have what was it about. And if you would like to do a 100 word essay here is the link




Digital Footprint


In class we have recently been learning about Digital Footprints. A digital footprint is about your social media, if you were to apply for a collage they would look at your digital foot print. They could even look at your digital foot print if it was private. But it is not just collages that look at your digital footprint,  if you were going to apply for a job they will look at your digital footprints. Even your teachers can look at your digital footprint. So on social media have a positive digital foot print.  To learn more about digital foot prints here are two  web sites you can visit




my image was from the Texas public radio

Hour of Code

Screenshot 2015-12-07 at 9.33.12 AM

In class we have been doing the hour of code which is a web site where you code. To me I think that the Hour of code is a fun. there is a lot of different  games you can do there is a star wars , mind craft , and a lot more. On the star wars you get to work with BB-8 , R2D2 , and C-3PO.  And when you finish  they give you a certificate. I finished the Star Wars and got this certificate. Here is the link if you would like to try it



Recently in Tinker-lab we have been working on BB-8 we get to code him. You can code him to spin,vibrate, change colors, and a lot more. BB-8 is very fun to work with. There is so many fun things I like about BB-8.  I love  the noises he makes. I also enjoy  the BB-8 app and so much more.












About Me

Color Me Rad - Join the RevolutionCreative Commons License LadyDragonflyCC – >;< via CompfightA few things about myself is I take  6  dance classes  which are teen ballet 2  , ballet tech, tap 1 , ballet 3, jazz 3,and  leaps and turns 3. I also take an advanced tumbling class at gymnastics. I love to run me and my dad have done a 5k color run.My mima is  a  3 rd grade teacher at Metteer.

I have 7 animals I have 2 dogs 3 cats and 2 hermit crabs.The names of my animals are Daisy ,Lacey ,Lightning ,Doc Vanessa, Violet, and Rascal. Also I love to do art, and I like to read my favorite book is  the The Land of Stories I own all 4  books.I  also love beanie boos I have collection of 25 of them.


If I were the Evil Queen

                                 Displaying IMG_0649.PNGDisplaying IMG_0649.PNGDisplaying IMG_0649.PNGIMG_0649

If I was the evil queen I could talk to the magic mirror, I could wear a dress made out of purple silk, I could wear a crown made out of  diamonds. I could poison apples. I wonder what other things I could do? I could eat my favorite food. I could sleep the most comfortable bed.


Lourdie Dinner at Pietero's Italian Restaurant April 25, 2012 1Creative Commons License Steven Depolo via Compfight 




Pizza is very popular food in California. I love hawian pizza. there are so many diffrent pizza restraunts. I love to eat at domino’s pizza. I love there garlic crust on there pizza And round table. I love pizza Me and my family some times make french bread pizza. here is our recipe.


french bread

pizza sauce



Canadian bacon